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E-Bomber will release new single

2nd single from eurodance project E-Bomber coming out 30th May 2016. Download single here. This EP will be released at DMN Records, executive producer is Krasi Krastev. Music and lyrics by Michal Karpac. All single is produced by Michal Karpac and track No. 1 is co-produced by Tom Payle. The single is including 3 remixes: RMX by Patrick Thomson, Juicy RMX by Michal Karpac and RMX by Fanateek(Stefan Cvetkovic).
Interesting fact and inspiration for this song was the one girl. Michal wanted to entitle this song by her name or simply "I love you" but then it became Enjoy The Ride.
Tracklist: 01 E-Bomber - Enjoy The Ride (Radio Mix)
02 E-Bomber - Enjoy The Ride (Acting Lovers RMX)
03 E-Bomber - Daddy Likes Apples (Juicy RMX)
04 E-Bomber - Daddy Likes Apples (Fanateek RMX)
The music video for the song "Enjoy The Ride" coming soon...
01/05/2016 23:39