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Prince G preparing new material

Prince G is german schlager and pop singer,his real name is Giuseppe Alicata born 1970 in Palermo(Sicilia/Italy).Giuseppe show interest for music in early days of childhood,his father bought him a small organ and than start everything.Guiseppe is a big fan of 80s group Modern Talking,his idol is Thomas Anders and he try to sing and look like him.Later he sing at weddings and birthdays for friends.After this 2012 he record first song entitled "Laut" in german language and make TV appearances. Second song is entitled "Party",than Bad Boy Playboy,100 Grad Fieber,Nur mit dir heute Night.2015 is year of changes for Prince G he decide to change style from schlager to pop and now he sings in english to get much international attention,in appearances he still sings old songs in german.New song will be entitled "Summertime" produced by Bernd Müller from B.M Project and will be released under DMN Records.After this coming another release "The One" produced by S.G Soun'diver and lyrics by Giuseppe Alicata,also under DMN Records.Prince G is The Gentleman of Music...Stay tuned...
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25/09/2015 09:58