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Smile.dk announces new album release for 2016

Smile.dk is swedish bubblegum/pop now active as solo act of Veronica Almqvist.She announces via own facebook profile new album entitled "Forever" for 2016 and club tour in the China.
Smile.dk is best known for their hits "Butterfly" and "Boys", which were released under their original name "Smile", and included on self-titled debut album "Smile" in 1998. Many of their songs have appeared in the popular Dance Dance Revolution series. Since 1998 Smile.dk has released three official albums, Smile(1998), Future Girls(2000), and Golden Sky(2002), and one remix album, Smile Paradise(2001).
In 2008, Smile.dk returned with new producers and a new album "Party Around The World" was released on September 9. Album, "The Makeup Collection", is planned for 2012 which will include remakes of old hits, and 5 brand new songs. In April 2010, Hanna announced that she is leaving Smile.dk due to other commitments. She was replaced by Veronica's friend Cecilia, and together they released one single called "Moshi Moshi." Cecilia and Veronica worked hard behind the scenes recording material for their upcoming album, but in early October 2013, it was revealed that Cecilia has left Smile.dk to focus on her family. In late October, Veronica revealed that she will be continuing the Smile.dk project as a solo artist, and she will be recruiting no new singer to join her.


Top 18 ways to promote your music in 2015 article by Indie Authority

The Indie Authority is a multimedia company, dedicated to the promotion and support of Independent performers and artists. Indie Authority strive to provide quality content to his audience in own radio station as well as our magazine. With a strong focus in Independent Music, this organizations supports all things indie. They hope that you will take a moment to see what they have to offer!
indie authority If you are interested in hearing your music on Indie Authority radio station, or reading your articles in his magazine head on over to submissions page and show them what you got!
Indie Authority wrote one article about "Top 18 Ways To Promote Your Music In 2015". On the list are included 18 ways how one artist can promote own music,than list of magazines,websites and other useful tips for indie artists. I'm very happy to found on this article my blog/website.
Thank You Indie Authority!


DJ Bobo announced new album and tour

DJ Bobo preparing for fans new album announced for 2016 among the composers: Alex Strasser, Alexs White and Axel Breitung also announced tour for 2017. One of the most successful dance acts in 90s celebrates in 2017 his 25th stage anniversary with a brand new show.Stay tuned...
For more info check website:


New single "Stay The Night" from X-Tension is out

New single from german eurodance or dancefloor project X-Tension is finally out and it's released under Synsongs.Here is some info about single:
"Stay The Night" was originally meant to be separate Maxi-CD release in 1998, but after many Eurodance bands decided to release Christmas songs,X-Tension have written and produced "It´s Christmas" in parallel. Because it was quite expensive to release physical CDs back then and group wanted the Christmas single out but did not have a B-side ,than added "Stay" as additional track. Unfortunately,this decision led to "Stay" not getting much attention, because the CD vanished after Christmas in the shelves. Since it was always one of our favourite tracks and did receive a great reception during our "Dancefloor On Ice" performance, project thought it´s a good idea to re-record it. "Stay The Night" is also one of the few songs (if not the only one) which actually feature singing during the rap parts. When project recorded the raps in the studio with a former rapper, he suddenly came to us and said: "I really love the raps,but I would also like to sing here and there." So we thought that we could just insert a few sing lines - and so he did both, the raps and male singing parts. After mixing the original version, we realized that the vocals were too thin, so our previous engineer and Thomas recorded additional vocals which are heard on "X-Tension - The Lost Tapes". In this 2015 remake, this singing is kept - but Lana record the additional parts.
The download EP includes "Stay The Night and the balearic "Days Of Summer Mix", ideal for the last balmy summer nights with it's relaxed groove and guitar sounds.
Watch video here
Buy EP on: Itunes


Prince G preparing new material

Prince G is german schlager and pop singer,his real name is Giuseppe Alicata born 1970 in Palermo(Sicilia/Italy).Giuseppe show interest for music in early days of childhood,his father bought him a small organ and than start everything.Guiseppe is a big fan of 80s group Modern Talking,his idol is Thomas Anders and he try to sing and look like him.Later he sing at weddings and birthdays for friends.After this 2012 he record first song entitled "Laut" in german language and make TV appearances. Second song is entitled "Party",than Bad Boy Playboy,100 Grad Fieber,Nur mit dir heute Night.2015 is year of changes for Prince G he decide to change style from schlager to pop and now he sings in english to get much international attention,in appearances he still sings old songs in german.New song will be entitled "Summertime" produced by Bernd Müller from B.M Project and will be released under DMN Records.After this coming another release "The One" produced by S.G Soun'diver and lyrics by Giuseppe Alicata,also under DMN Records.Prince G is The Gentleman of Music...Stay tuned...
For more info check Prince G on:


E-Bomber's debut single is out

Eurodance project "E-BOMBER" was founded by Slovak producer Michal Karpac in Summer 2015. "E" means Eurodance and also that is a tribute to dancefloor legend E-rotic. Michal was thinking long time about this project and got an idea to compose the song "Daddy Likes Apples" when he was watching the music video covers by Jordyn Jones.
Credits: Music and Lyrics by Michal Karpac
Produced by Michal Karpac and Tom Payle
Mastered by Tom Payle
Release date: September 2015
Released under Synsongs
Available for download on: Itunes
Check teaser: here


New italodisco band NEA! release single entitled "Puppy Love(Do You Remember)"

For those who do not know who is the NEA! NEA! is the new italodisco artist from Germany.She belong to the New Generation of Italodisco.She is solo artist and her real name is Sylvia Martens.Her producers come from Russia and Spain.Check my interview with NEA! here.
NEA! Italodisco
First single is entitled "Puppy Love(Do You Remember)" and is released 11th of september 2015(as download and additionally as 12"-vinyl). "Puppy Love(Do You Remember)" is a pure italodisco of 80s with original energy and feeling.Single is already topped on some charts in Poland.
Label: ZYX Music
Producer: Master of Dreams
Lyrics: Sylvia Martens/Karsten Kehr
Check Official Video: here
Buy single on:


Interview with NEA!

Igor: Hello,NEA

NEA: Hello Igor,thank you very much that i can talk about me and my music with you!

Igor: Today i want to talk with you about italodisco and of course you as an amazing artist of new generation.So tell me in few sentences who is NEA?

NEA: What should i say about me? One year ago i started to bring back the music of the 80s, because i love these melodic synthiepop. I love this kind of music - it never will be die. And now NEA! is the first music act in this style from Germany. The new generation of italodisco. I belong to the worldwide awaking scene of italodisco,look to countries like Sweden, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Poland or Russia. Italodisco is there a great new wave of music.
Igor: Ok.Is NEA your real name?

NEA: No, NEA! is not my real name it is my artist name. My real name is Sylvia Martens.
Igor: Ok.Tell me more about name NEA,how is created and did every letter means something?

NEA: Yes,there are reasons to choose the name NEA. NEA on greek means new and on the otherside you surely know the neon colours from the 80s, so NEA! is a mix between NEW and NEON.
Igor: When people watching NEA on tv or concert probably on first look will see red hair,so tell me is this your trademark?

NEA: Maybe my red hair is my typical trademark now,but i love the change. So in the future my hair will be blond. I love these changes very much! My typical trademark as NEA! is my special little bag. It looks like the famous Rubik cube from the 80s.
Igor: Are you have influences before you start with music?

NEA: Yes of course,i like the music from international pop artists like Phil Collins, Michael Jackson,Bronski Beat or Spandau Ballett. It's great music,nobody will forget their hits. In my live performance i cover the song "Smalltown boy" from Bronski Beat.
Igor: 90s,eurodance,some artists join this style? What you think about that,are eurodance keep italodisco feeling?

NEA: I believe that eurodance have his roots in italodisco. But my opinion is that italodisco is more emotional. Thats why I decided to make music in the style of italodisco.
Igor: When i listen upcoming song Puppy Love(Are You Remember) i feel real 80s atmosphere.Is this a new italodisco anthem?

NEA: Thank you for your compliment. It would be nice if our music could be a new italodisco anthem. But we don`t want do any song in retrostyle,our new album in spring 2016 will show some sound surprises. In the past we were looking for a typical NEA sound and now we found it!
Igor: Well is this "sound suprises" some new elements for italodisco or performance on other way?

NEA: Yes,there are some new sound elements in the style of italodisco. This mix we called NEA sound. And the live performance of NEA is very special: With two dancers in clothes with LED lights and lasergloves.

Igor: Album of NEA is out in spring 2016,is name a secret?

NEA: Yes,the name of the album is a secret. It should be a surprise for all the NEA fans.

Igor: Describe NEA music team in 3 words?

NEA: Creative,Friendly,Awesome.

Igor: What you think about other italodisco artists?

NEA: We have great respect and love their music.

Igor: Best moment in career till now?

NEA: The exclusive contract with famous record company ZYX Music.

Igor: Ok.What you think about current music scene?

NEA: I hope that the current scene will be different and creative.

Igor: Are you have any message for new artists and italodisco fans?

NEA: My message is: Go your own way! You can fall but you have to stand up! And to the fans: Make this music more famous!

Igor: Thanks for interview!

NEA: Thank you very much,it was great pleasure!



Free 2 Night is back with single "The Message"

Eurodance group from Ukraine and Russia Free 2 Night(F2N) is finally back on eurodance scene with new single entitled "The Message".This is neo eurodance track with strong piano house/eurodance feeling.Vocalist Ira Vain is like always incredible,also we can't forget great guys like RealThing(Composer) and Viper(Rapper).Track is released under german dance label DMN Records,available in 4 versions and remixed by DMN remixers/producers Remundo,S.G Soun'diver,Dreambuster.
Watch promo video here.
Buy "The Message" here.


ira vain free 2 night f2n

J & V announces new single entitled Walk Away

Brazilian dance-pop duo J & V brother and sister(Jair and Vanise) preparing new single entitled "Walk Away" watch pre/promo video here. Single will be released under dance label DMN Records and will be followed by remixes/mixes of DMN producers,remixers.


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