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New single from Acting Lovers is entitled Honey Bunny

Eurodance group Acting Lovers released new single entitled "Honey Bunny".Honey Bunny is pure eurodance song styled in old but gold euro style from 90s,for me it's totally fresh and trendy now because of lot edm and same sounds released every day.Single is out by july 27th 2016 on digital services like Amazon,Spotify...etc
1.Honey Bunny [Explicit] (Radio Edit)
2.Honey Bunny [Explicit] (Extended Version)
3.Honey Bunny [Explicit] (The Sunset Remix)
4.Honey Bunny [Explicit] (The Holidays mix)
5.Honey Bunny [Explicit] (The Trapped on an Island Remix)
6.Honey Bunny [Explicit] (Instrumental Version
Download this release on Amazon


DCX released Eurodance EP

In 27th May 2016 eurodance group DCX from Finland release his Eurodance EP.This release including 5 songs mostly styled in eurodance genre.This EP have old but gold 90s feeling.
Don't U Get Me Like This (eurodance mix)
All The Time
Meet This Day (eurodance mix)
Snow White Love
Flying High(power mix)
About EP Joel Kalsi(DCX): I used to make some trendy EDM in past years but grew out of it -- the trend sound of each year soon became boring and I wanted to produce something that hardly anyone else is doing right now, something that has more energy and hook than the current trend sound, and yet something that has a lot of listeners. It felt so liberating to produce music with no limits and no pre-cursors. It was plain fun and enjoyment, often times with goose bumps! Been enjoying the EP a lot myself!
Listen here
Buy on: Itunes


B.P.M will release new songs

Eurodance band B.P.M celebrate 20th anniversary(1996-2016) and will release 4 songs.One is long awaiting single and eurodance boom " Rock you body on the floor".After this coming "Game over","Club sold out","What i can do".All demos and short cuts can be found on soundcloud channel of B.P.M Soundcloud


Digital Base Project new single is "Love Me Online"

Russian eurodance group release new single entitled "Love Me Online".Released 3 July 2016,Music by D-Base. Text by Dagoth. Rap: FatFoont/Dagoth. Vocal: Mi-Lenika. Available for download on: Promodj


Activate have new eurodance release

Finaly after long silence german eurodance group Activate is back with single "Spotlight".This is original eurodance song available in Extended Euro Vocal,Radio Euro Vocal,Extended Euro Instrumental, Radio Euro Instrumental versions.Released under Airbase Records and it's available for download on Beatport,Amazon,Itunes.


E-Bomber will release new single

2nd single from eurodance project E-Bomber coming out 30th May 2016. Download single here. This EP will be released at DMN Records, executive producer is Krasi Krastev. Music and lyrics by Michal Karpac. All single is produced by Michal Karpac and track No. 1 is co-produced by Tom Payle. The single is including 3 remixes: RMX by Patrick Thomson, Juicy RMX by Michal Karpac and RMX by Fanateek(Stefan Cvetkovic).
Interesting fact and inspiration for this song was the one girl. Michal wanted to entitle this song by her name or simply "I love you" but then it became Enjoy The Ride.
Tracklist: 01 E-Bomber - Enjoy The Ride (Radio Mix)
02 E-Bomber - Enjoy The Ride (Acting Lovers RMX)
03 E-Bomber - Daddy Likes Apples (Juicy RMX)
04 E-Bomber - Daddy Likes Apples (Fanateek RMX)
The music video for the song "Enjoy The Ride" coming soon...


Nadia Dolce releases new single entitled "You're All I Want This Christmas"

Canadian dance pop artist Nadia Dolce releases his Christmas inspired song "You're All I Want This Christmas".Song is well produced and styled in Pop genre.Song start with Christmas bells and deep bass parts in beginning,than fullfiled with experienced,gorgeous and well trained vocals of Nadia.Song is amazing Christmas and for upcoming holidays theme.For those who follows Nadia music,this release will be out 25.11.2015 on Itunes and other digital services.nadia_dolce2
Nadia Maria Ricci better known as Nadia Dolce with her fiery,seductive presence and gratifying voice promote her single "I Wanna Dance With You", and the French version, "Viens Danser Avec Moi". She’s an Italian Canadian who grew up in Montreal, and as a result, she is fluent in English, Italian, French and even knows some Spanish. She draws from all of these multicultural references both lyrically and musically in her pop and dance songs.
Her trained voice has propelled her through early years of success, and she draws much of her musical influences from the “big divas,” such as Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera. Drawing in all of these influences, her training and her life experiences, Nadia's style is most often compared to Mia Martina and Inna. Her mother serves as a major inspiration for her both musically and lyrically. As a lyricist herself, Nadia’s mother left lyrics around the house and taught Nadia about different ways to express herself including through music and lyrics. Nadia too began jotting down her feelings when the mood or thought struck, and she carried that mode of self- expression into her music career. Nadia also calls herself a “hopeless romantic,” and thus she often writes about happiness, sadness,breakups and other personal experiences.
She also draws inspiration from the lives of her family, friends and even strangers.
Her track "I Wanna Dance With You" is a summer anthem with a euro dance vibe that takes off a with a groovy accordion by the "Santana" of accordion players, Sebastian Carubia. Some fun synthesizer effects add on to Toronto based producer Wild Ace's exotic arrangement bringing back some 90's flavor. This track's beach club feel and catchy lyrics will have everyone on the dance floor.The Euro Mix and French version are also available on the EP.
Nadia Dolce's previous singles "El Gitano" and "Remember" enjoyed national and international success, playing in more than 26 countries around the world. Nadia got her start studying classical vocal training and music theory at the McGill Conservatory of Music in Montreal. She joined the all- female group Dolceamare,where she earned her nickname for having a sweet personality. She also won the 16th edition of CFMB’s Superfantastico, which is the Italian version of American Idol.This presented her with one of her proudest achievements: visiting Italy and performing on stage singing her own song, “Believe” at the Reggio Pop Festival. Passionate and driven, she continues to write and perform as an independent artist for various venues and festivals, as well as collaborate with DJs and producers on the rise,worldwide. Her latest EP is a taste of what's to come on her full length album to be relased early 2016.


Dutch eurodance duo Eclipse is back with single "You Make My Day"

After 20 years of silence Eclipse was back 2014 with performers Miriam Maas-Schevers and Rodney Vincent Harar with new single "I Want You Forever".Released under School Of Music And Lyrics.
Fourth single is entitled "You Make My Day", demo of this song was made in the mid-nineties and was finished in 2015. The original voice of leadsinger Miriam has been recovered from the demo using the phase cancellation technique. The music has been re-recorded as close to the original as possible and also is added female rap.Song kept 90s dance feeling and it's proof thats eurodance still active.


Roby Pinna new single is entitled "Slender In The Night"

Roby Pinna and his Team comes back with the EDM project “Slender in the night” featuring Marcus Grey. The song is inspired by “The Slenderman”, the most popular Creepypasta in the world. The project is a mix of Trance elements and Italodisco melody,for an amazing Eurodance Hit.“Slender in the night” is released under NRG Records and is available on all digital stores in the world. Listen and see the original video: here
For more check:
NRG Records(http://www.nrgrecords.it)
Roby Pinna website(http://www.robypinna.it)
roby pinna DJ Roberto Pinna started deejaying when he was only 12. He published his first record Sing Song with PanPot, Daniele Davoli’s (Black Box) label in 1992. Subsequently, he released the single Rapsodia on Vertical label in 1994. He contributed to eurodance projects such as Sevilla (I Wanna Give You Devotion) and Black 4 White (You Make Me Feel). He also did a remix of With Or Without You by Double You. His favourite kind of music is Pop Dance, 80s and 90s revival.
2000 : Roby created his own label, NRG Records (New Radical Groove)
2003 : he published My Rhythm Of The Night, performed by himself and the famous Drag Queen Billy More
2009 : Roby Pinna's new single is entitled See Your Face.
2010 : Roby Pinna now presents a radio show entitled Slave 2 dance every saturday and sunday at 11PM on Radio italia network.
2012 : Roby's new single was called My heart belongs to you, featuring Keyra.
2013 : In June Roby released My Rhythm Of The Night featuring vocals by Billy More. Videoclip was a special edition for Italian Gay Pride 2013 in Palermo. In October, Roby Pinna released a 12 12 12 version of his song My Heart Belongs To You. It was a part of the soundtrack of 12 12 12 movie. In December, he released his new single Buongiorno Principessa featuring Sara Montesanto. Videoclip was directed by Paolo Petrillo and Andrea Bertero.
2014 : Roby Pinna released a Springtime remix of Buongiorno Principessa on March 8th.


Digital Base Project and Jair NJ join forces to record new single

"Stay With Me Tonight" is the new single of the russian Digital Base Project and brazilian singer Jair NJ from dance pop duo J and V. Song is true upcoming eurodance smash hit and I believe it's ready to burn dancefloors and clubs.
Original 90s feeling and sound done by producer D-Base,classic eurodance rap by talented Dagoth,ragga rap by Viper which reminds me on hits from dancefloor legend Ice MC and impressive,quality and soulful vocals from Jair NJ.With this song every eurodance compilation will be amazing.
Download song for FREE: here

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